Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Pitch Lingo

I heard a couple of radio ads today. One of them used the word "savory" to describe a sandwich and a salad, and another used the term "well-appointed" to describe the interior of a car.

In 47 years of talking and listening to people I've never heard a single real person ever use the word "savory" or the term "well-appointed" in everyday conversation.

It takes a long time for communities to create their own language, and I guess after over a century of pitching every conceivable product and idea to Americans the advertising fellowship has its own well-developed lingo.

In a way, language has never been more powerful. Whole religious and political and cultural universes turn on the pitch rather than on actions and convictions.

I'm just wondering where I can get a savory and well-appointed salad. Or government. Or church.


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