Monday, May 16, 2005

Endless Star Wars

OK, now for a pretty meaningless post. Gotta mix it up a bit....

The Star Wars saga is about to come to an end after 28 years! The first movie came out in 1977 when I was a mere 20 year old. I'm just glad Lucas finished it before I got my AARP card.

I remember seeing Episode 4 in San Francisco on opening weekend with a bunch of my Stanford friends.

We were used to going to movies at the "Flicks" at Mem Aud (Memorial Auditorium) at Stanford, so our movie-going manners weren't normally very good. At the "Flicks" most everybody would rip and ridicule whatever movie was showing--very few people actually came to see the movie since it was all about who could be more creative and clever in trashing it.

They used to show "Sound of Music" every year just so people could go off. Few movies ever made lent themselves as well to sophomoric college satire. Poor ambiguously gendered Rolf (the oldest boy in the Von Trapp family) got the worst of it every year when he sang the "Adieu, Adieu, To You and You and You" number. Let's just say those weren't shining moments in the history of gay awareness and sensitivity.

Anyway, we were ready to get a little rowdy at Star Wars, but from the first moment when that imperial ship passes over the screen everybody in the theatre--including us--got quiet and got into the movie. Now, of course, all the special effects look sort of silly and cheesy, but at that time none of us had ever seen anything like it.

And even though some of the stuff Lucas put into the original 3 films threatened to turn me off completely I stayed with it. Even the Ewoks--who seemed like hopped up little terriers on crystal meth--didn't extinguish my interest.

Looking back I realize none of us ever expected that day in San Francisco that we'd be seeing the final episode when our own children were in college. I mean, the story arc for some of the Old Testament patriarchs played out in less time!

To say that I've lost some of my original enthusiasm for knowing how Darth Vader becomes a Sith Lord would be an understatement. I barely remember Episodes 1 and 2 though I do remember how dull I thought they were.

This last one is supposed to be better. I guess I am interested in knowing how the Emperor got such bad skin and teeth. Maybe poor personal hygeine is common on the Dark Side, but I'm guessing there are other fascinating explanations that I've been waiting almost 30 years to find out.


Blogger Jason said...

Just saw Crash. Would recommend it.

11:57 PM  
Blogger TPB said...

Wordcat. Only you could be so bold.

Star Wars MEANINGLESS! What the!? I'm removing your blog from my favorites list.

2:03 AM  

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