Sunday, March 12, 2006

The Incredible Shrinking President

This is getting too easy. I'm actually starting to feel sorry for the poor guy.


Blogger limco said...

Bush now has the lowest approval ratings of his entire presidency. Maybe he will actually disappear. 60% of those polled do not think he is handling the war in Iraq well. It makes a person wonder how 40% could actually believe that the situation in Iraq is going well. Do 40% of those polled live in caves with no contact to the outside world? The third anniversary of the "war" is upon us and it seems as if the bloodbath has no end in sight. Will Bush ride this out until his term ends and leave the clean up to the next administration? I think most of us would like to see a plan in place to get out of Iraq sooner than that. Has Bush shrunk to the point of complete ineffectiveness?

4:29 PM  
Blogger Wordcat said...

It's actually sort of sad for the country because he became a lame duck president in the first year of his second term--that really is a first in history as far as I know. The latest CBS poll has him at 34% and Gallup at 36%. If you know anything about the way various voting blocks break down in the country, it really means he's lost all his support outside the religiously conservative south and culturally conservative midwest. Those two groups would approve a Republican, conservative president under almost any circumstances, so it really means most all Americans who are open to reason and experience no longer have confidence in Bush.

He's ruled by polarization and divisiveness. The chickens do eventually come home to roost.

4:59 PM  

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