Monday, March 13, 2006

Madness Picks

More stuff for sportos. Yes, I'm hopeless :^)

I love the men's NCAA basketball tourney. March Madness is always fun for me regardless of what else is going on.

I've been on a role lately with picking eventual champions in various sports. Trying to predict MM is on a whole nother level, though. 64 teams. Single elimination. Teenagers are the principles and emotions are high. Anything can happen. More parity this year than ever and no obvious champion.

Now that I've covered my butt, my picks...

I won't break down my entire bracket picks. Let me get to the Final Four picks from every regional and an eventual champion.

Atlanta Regional: I'm going with a major upset here. Syracuse is on a role. The Orangemen shock Duke in the Elite Eight. They then knock off Texas in the regional final and advance to the Final Four. This is my riskiest pick but after watching Syracuse blow through the Big East tourney--the toughest conference in the country--I think they're peaking at the right time. I don't like Duke, but I'm sure that has no influence on my pick here at all.

Oakland Regional: I'm a UCLA homer all the way. I admit it freely. But the Bruins are also peaking at the right time. I've got em taking out Gonzaga in the regional semi-final and then upsetting either Memphis or Kansas in the regional final and going into their first Final Four since they won it all in 1995.

Washington DC Regional: UConn beats Tennessee in the regional final and goes to the Final Four.

Minneapolis Regional: Villanova struggles in the finals against Florida but wins down the stretch and gets to the FF.

Final Four: UCLA knocks off Syracuse and gets to the national championship game.

'Nova takes out UConn in the other semi-final.

It's painful to say so, but 'Nova beats UCLA in the national title game. The Bruins are just too young and inexperienced. But wait till next year :^)

Feel free to make your own picks. Maybe we can even make some friendly wagers. Oh wait, I might be banned from blogging for life if I make a bet :^) Let's just stick with the predictions.


Blogger stephanie said...

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1:09 AM  
Blogger 3wishes said...

< They then knock off Texas in the regional final and advance to the Final Four. Ok Ill play wager :^ Are we talking Texas Tech here or U of Texas? Must be U of Texas, so lets see, First school to hold 3 national titles in Football, baseball and basketball? Sounds like a goal to me :^ Hook Em

9:21 AM  
Blogger Wordcat said...

Just to bolster the regional rivalry angle here, I checked on total NCAA division 1 championships by school thru fall 2005. The leaders?

1. UCLA--97
2. Stanford (my alma mater)--91
3. Southern California--84

The next closest school is Oklahoma State with 46. UTexas comes in at 7th with 38 and Michigan comes in 8th with 31. If you look at only men's sports, the top three are the same except USC finishes first, UCLA second and Stanford third. California shows up 8th on that list with 22.

Go Pac 10!

10:19 AM  
Blogger 3wishes said...

If a California, Oklahoma or Texas team takes it I can smile. I carry all 3 flags proudly. Unless your talking Hockey lol Then its the Leafs only :)

12:57 PM  
Blogger jon said...

I picked Villanova over UCLA in the championship game as well! But then I went back and changed it to Villanova over Texas (I still have until thursday to change again). UConn's also in the final four. I have Duke upset early, but to LSU. I think that Syracuse has ran into some luck and will flame out early. Gonzaga, Memphis, Tennessee, and Kansas are all losing early as well.

8:22 PM  
Blogger Wordcat said...

You've been all over the college sports scene, 3.

My move to Colorado introduced me to Denver University hockey. Duke on ice. I'm trying to get with pucks.

8:46 PM  

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