Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Back At It

Thought it was time to get back to posting after a couple of month hiatus. The Floyd Landis thing was just too tempting to pass up :^)

Had some major stuff go down in my life and have been vacating with the family some too. More on those later.

Mostly took the time off to to check out the blogosphere in more depth and rethink what I wanted to do with the blog. More shifts to come but didn't want to put off posting any longer.

You'll notice I've added a lot of links. These were the best written--and in some cases the funniest--sites I ran across. Not always takes I feel fully but in the end you've gotta go with the gifted folks with some passion who put in the effort. Others stuff I included just interested me personally. More new links to come soon.

I'll post more regularly (4-5 times a week rather than 2-3) and look less for discussions in the comments section. I've been trying to hold out for the value of discussion--and I think a lot of the best stuff on the sphere can be found in the comments sections--but this medium, at least right now, won't carry that weight. Do your best on the comments and I'll keep on taking 'em seriously, but because I'll be posting more often than in the past some of those discussions won't get the play they did on Peaks and Pacific version 1.0.

While the posts will still be more thinking than linking, I'll link more to others and even link to my own longer 'article' pieces on another site so folks won't shut due to the length of some of the stuff on P and P. Don't want to put undue pressure on potential readers with small little spans of attention and/or small little texty tek.

I'll do eclectic and personal but focus on satire, politics, religion, culture, sports and science too.


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