Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Tumblin' Down

Thinkin’ out loud.

Been tracking the The Emerging Church thing.

Could be a good move in the right direction towards religion-less Christianity I hope so.

Lots of folks have wondered whether you can chuck religion and still have ethics and morality. But these days I'm more interested in whether you can chuck religion and still have faith left over.

Who can imagine a life giving faith that isn't obscured by a religious superstructure of assertively ignorant and undeserving authority? Especially right now when religion around the world seems so powerful--and often so dumb and destructive.

But in the long run I’ve got some hope that the religious walls will come tumbling down. And that a better and less oppressive faith might arise from the rubble.

I just wonder whether any powerful spiritual movement ever came out of deconstructing and then reconstructing traditional religion, which is what the Emerging Church seems to be all about.

It all feels pretty bloodless. Sometimes you've gotta have more destruction than deconstruction....


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