Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Introducing Your Denver Thuggets

Iverson’s on his way to the Rockies. Tats and corn rows in the champagne snow.

We’re real deal contenders overnight.

Can’t double Iverson and Melo at the same time. One of these guys will now get one on ones as a matter of course. They were one and two in the league in scoring while facing double and triple teams. Might be some unusual Mile High fireworks in store. Fun.

The west over east balance of power just got even more unbalanced.

And the Thuggets are the new bad boys of the NBA.

Iverson and Melo and Kenyon Martin on the same team? George Karl in charge?

It’s 50 Cent meets PMS on the hardwood.


Blogger Jonathan said...

Remember when Kobe and Shaq were on the same team? At times, it was possible to double-team both of them - when they weren't passing out of the double-teams, and when their teammates were sucking. "Move without the ball", "Hit the open man", and "Hit the open shot" are going to be big catch phrases from Karl for a while.

Iverson has been much better in his career at finding open teammates than Anthony has been in his short time. Ideally, I think that AI should dominate the ball and create opportunities for everyone else, while Anthony moves around to the perfect spots to exploit the defense once Iverson has thoroughly tangled them. I think we need to see at least 55 points and 14 assists a game between the two of them.

On defense, the big men (especially Camby) will need to step up big time. There are going to be steals and fast breaks galore, but Denver's guards probably won't be staying in front of their men much, and the trees in the middle will have to clean up their messes.

8:11 AM  
Blogger Wordcat said...

Collapsing your defense on a big man like Shaq who never got 5 feet outside the blocks and then doubling Kobe on the perimeter is one thing. Trying to double two cat quick guys who can score at will from anywhere is another.

The Nugs pass and play fast except when Melo gets the ball. If the experiment fails it'll halt in his hands.

10:10 PM  

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