Thursday, January 11, 2007

Making Work Work For the Poor

Ran across this sweet series of articles in Sojourners explaining 5 practical ways to help the working poor in America. I was excited to see that one of my old Pasadena buddies, Jill Shook, wrote the article on affordable housing. Along with Jill's take, the authors tackle creating an alliance between the middle class and the poor, increasing the minimum wage, reforming the health care system and creating an effective system of job training. Solid stuff.


Anonymous Jonathan said...

If you were young and inexperienced, wanted to prepare
yourself for a life serving the poor overseas, and had
a month free this August to work with, where would you
go and what would you do with who?

(and let's say that you had a young fiancee' who felt
the exact same way.)

9:34 AM  
Anonymous Jonathan said...

(sorry about the formatting. I tried to email it to you first, but the email came back to me.)

9:35 AM  

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