Thursday, December 21, 2006


Got buried in a blizzard here in Denver on Andrew’s birthday yesterday. By this morning we had about 32 inches of snow on the ground in our neighborhood. Winds were swirling from every direction and snow blowing sideways at about 30 miles an hour so you’re talking near whiteout conditions.

We went downtown yesterday to celebrate anyway. Mad dogs and Englishmen go out in the mid day squall :^) Andrew's been waiting for a 'snow day' off from school since we moved here and he finally got it on his birthday.

Had a great time at grungy, one of a kind music shops and bookstores where Andrew picked out some of his own birthday presents. Lunch at a favorite hangout and then on to see a sword and sorcery flick which we missed because the theatre shut down early due to the weather. By 3 pm the whole metro area of 2 million people was basically closed including the airport.

Conditions like this create a wonderland. Brilliant icicles poised above your head. Layered snow cornices overhanging rooflines by as much as three feet. Cars slipping and sliding all over the place. Fun. Beautiful.

More blizzard pics here. And hopefully, even more pics when the sun finally comes out and we dig out from under.


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