Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Christmas Freedom

Best word I’ve seen recently on the whole Put Christ Back in Christmas and America is a Christian Nation stuff.

The Old Testament is a phone book length take on the failure of theocracy.

The New Testament is a blog length take on true religion as a counter-cultural force that challenges power, money and violence.

The old take led to the new take. Experience made all the difference. Certain kinds of Christian types who read their bibles closely think God might have had just that progression in mind from the start.

I’ve been following a new traditional media effort called On Faith which tosses out important religious and political questions and gets it going. Not bad for the corrupt conventional media :^) Worth a look.


Blogger Greg said...

From the first response to Wallis:
In answer I say, YES, America not only behaves as a “Christian Nation”, it is the ONLY country that follows Christian principles in its foreign policy. Maybe not always and in all cases but WW I, WW II, in Afghanistan and Iraq America has delivered Liberty to untold millions. Now that is compassion and justice.

So I guess only in war has America been Christian.

10:08 AM  
Blogger Wordcat said...

Lots of nations have killed lots of people to "deliver them."

What's war got to do with the real gospel thing?

9:54 PM  

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