Saturday, January 27, 2007

The Mix

**The invisible hand decides. Even the prospect of posts on the dismal science blew my hit count from the highest it's ever been (Tuesday) to some of the lowest overnight and for the last couple of days. OK, I surrender :^) No series on economics....

**Funny vid take on the immigration debate Got this one from a North African bud.

**Revealing vid of Senator Leahy grilling Attorney General Alberto Gonzalez about the use of torture in the Bush administration Nice to see Congress act like Congress again.

Check out Gonzalez's facial expressions at the end of the clip.

Yeah, Leahy's a windbag and trying to score political points, but there isn't the slightest hint of regret or remorse on Gonzalez's part. You'd at least expect some sense of public contrition--no matter how phony--on behalf of a guy who was held captive and tortured for a year for no reason. All you see is the familiar arrogance and smirk.

I couldn’t find a clean clip of the questioning, so I had to rely on Jesus’ General’s vid spin. No need for JG to enhance it—-the clip speaks for itself.


Blogger Matthew Pascal said...

I was kinda looking forward to the posts on economics...

11:42 AM  
Blogger Wordcat said...

I'd love to do 'em but every time I try I lose 50-60% of my readership for a week or two. I think the mistake this time was announcing I was going to do a series intermittently over two weeks--I'm guessing some of the regular readers will come back once they think the coast is clear :^) I'll try to slip in elements of the series piecemeal so as not to drive folks away. That's the problem with my blog--I've got readers from all kinds of backgrounds (church, non-church, all kinds of ages, from various countries) so trying to hold that group together is difficult sometimes....

2:06 PM  

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