Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Good Blog Spam

Dr. Blogenstein and The Hideous BlogBot

In the last few weeks I got my introduction to "blog spam."

Basically, blog spam consists of little commercial blurbs for various products and services that end up in the comments section of a post. It got to the point where I was deleting 2 or 3 of 'em every time I posted up.

I have no idea why I just started getting 'em after blogging for over 6 months. At first, I wasn't sure where they were coming from, but my web sophisticated friends tell me they're automated messages sent by web "bots" that roam around in cyberspace looking for likely victims.

You can stop the bots by activating a "word verification" program. That's one of those programs that only allows you to perform a task (in this case, making a comment) if you correctly type in a word that the program shows you in a legible yet warped form. Apparently, lots of bots can't perform that task so the tekstuff blocks their messages.

I switched on word verification and supposedly my blog spam days are over and my world is blogbot free.

In one way, though, I'll sort of miss the little buggers. A lot of the messages were pretty witty and amusing. You've gotta like charming if predatory computer programs a little bit.

An example:

"Some bloggers take issue with capitalism and free markets on their blogs. Big Business now turns the tables and uses the power of blogging to introduce exciting new goods and services. Check out Louis Vouitton bags...(appropriate link)"

Translation: "Eat purses, you blogging lapdog of the anti-globalists...."


"I don't know how you do it! You've got a great blog here. I don't have all the answers, but I know if people keep sharing their thoughts like this that someday, somewhere, the world may be a better place. Check out Canadian Immigration Services...(appropriate link)"

Translation: "We're fronting for the marshmallow soft Canadian social service community which explains the faux-friendly tone. Wake up and smell the coffee and stop wasting your time at the keyboard."

A final example:

"I'll definitely swing by here again! Good thoughts. So many people are lonely these days. Interested in dating an older woman? Check out these Dating Services...(appropriate link)"

Sorry, I'm already dating an older woman.

Goofy segues. A subtle shot at the fine young geeks :^)?


Blogger LT said...

Ha! I learned about the bot comments just like you did and I, too, only started getting them VERY recently even though my blog's been up for a few months. I, too, almost hated to turn on the verification because they were so chatty (while my friends haven't left ANY comments at all) and it was so amusing to see what they were promoting at the end! Happy blogging!

6:54 PM  
Blogger Bigstarlet said...

It kinda hurts when you know all these people are reading your blog, but only bots are leaving comments.

I miss them too, but am glad the spam's over...

7:21 AM  

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