Thursday, August 10, 2006


Before The Fall

Had some great vacation time with Jan and Andrew during my blogging hiatus.

Got down to Mesa Verde and out to Telluride and spent some time up in Steamboat Springs too. Beautiful earth, fun towns and a whole lot of mountain biking.

Took Andrew on his first mountain bike ride in late May and he’s already knocking off high end intermediate trails. Not bad, particularly since he’s riding a rickety Schwinn hard tail that rattles his teeth with every rut and rock.

The ‘highlight?’ We rode a trail out of Steamboat that ended with a sweet drop down a four wheel drive road. The word was a couple of short uber steep stretches torn up with foot deep and 16 inch wide ruts. Beyond that we could let ‘er rip.

Heavy rains hit the area a week before we got there, but I figured the road would be dry by the time we rolled through. Wrong.

We flew around a corner and hit some 5 inch deep mud.

Andrew ended up in a mini-mud lake and got covered head to toe.

I ended up sliding right into one of those big old ruts. My front wheel dropped in and just stopped dead, throwing me over the handle bars.

I’ve had ‘endos’ before, but I got launched this time. Landed about 5 feet down the road on some rocks and then had the bike land on me. Thank you very much.

Thought I'd broken my thumb or wrist but turned out to be nothing more than a bad bruise. Did slightly fracture a rib. Pretty lucky, though I’m still trying to avoid sneezing or coughing these days.

After the initial jolt we both just busted up. Andrew was looking especially sweet after his "bath."

No serious injury, a cool ‘agony of defeat’ crash, and some good story to tell. What could be better? :^)


Blogger jon said...

I think good crash stories are the best. What's fun about explaining how expertly you rode down the mountain?

I've only had an "endo" once, and it was while road biking. I was going about 40 mph down a hill when I realized that I wasn't going to make a turn. I tried to control the bike in the gravel off the road, but it stopped way too fast. In my fear and inexperience all I could think to do was hold on tight to the handlebars and hug the frame with my legs. The bike and I did a 270 in the air together, and I landed on the back wheel in blackberry bushes, with only some thorn scratches to show for it.

6:36 PM  
Blogger Wordcat said...

Yow. I used to race rode bikes back in the day. You can't control 'em at all once they get off line. Fat tires help.

My days of road biking ended in a crash right outside the front doors of Brookside Country Club down at the Rose Bowl. Guy in a Mercedes pulled a U-ee right off the curb in front of me. Trashed my bike and threw me over the car's trunk onto the road. Came to with a bunch of golfers in checkered pants surrounding me making sure I was ok. Thought for a minute I was in heaven and got depressed when I realized they played golf behind the Pearly Gates :^)

3:52 PM  
Blogger jon said...

wow - you've caught some good breaks health-wise for that amount of flight time.

5:01 PM  
Blogger limco said...

These flying through the air crashes don't make me want to run out and take up serious biking. The greatest story I've heard is this summer in a Boulder triathlon a woman was flying down the road on her bike and realizied a bear was crossing and she would hit it. She did hit it and flew off the bike and apparantly the bear saundered on into the woods. She was furious because waiting 35 minutes for the race paramedics to come ruined her race time. She is a serious, and slightly crazy competitor.

7:07 PM  
Blogger Wordcat said...

I'm sort of partial to the slightly crazy.

9:43 PM  

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