Saturday, October 28, 2006

Ambitious Editor

Got an email yesterday from the editor of Common Ground Journal, an online theological journal with lots of readers among accomplished Christian folks trying to do some good in the developing world. CGJ is apparently a part of the Can Do Spirit Network.

Anybody with enough huevos to give their network that kind of name deserves an honest response.

She wants me to write an article explaining why the spread of Christianity in the two thirds world seems to have had "so little transformational impact" on society.

She’d also like me to break down the less common success stories and explain why some places seem to do better after a big bunch of folks come to Jesus.

I’ve got 3000 words :^)

I’m surprised she didn’t ask me to throw in my take on a unified, universal theory of physics.

I’m guessing she’s in her 20’s.

God bless young people.


Anonymous Jon said...

Oh, I so want to read that article. I'm willing to give you 20,000 or so words though.

7:21 PM  
Blogger Wordcat said...

I'm gonna see if I can break it down into more manageable pieces and do it :^)

3:39 PM  

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