Saturday, October 14, 2006


Just uploaded a ton of pics to my Flickr page.

You can plow through my photo stream one take at a time by clicking on the 'more of wordcat57's photos' link at the bottom of the Flickr badge on the right border of P and P.

Or, you can go straight to my sets (albums) here.
That’s the best way to do the grand tour.

If you go to the sets everything from “Family Roots” on is brand new.

Most of these shots are courtesy of my wife Jan. I only took up photography more seriously with the invention of digital cameras. With the dig cams you can take a hundred pics, erase the 95 crappy ones and keep the 5 good ones and it costs you nothing. Back in the day you had to pay for every mistake :^) With digital cameras everybody's Ansel Adams.

I promised to upload important family pics to the web a few months ago. Yow. Don’t ever agree to something like that unless you’re really committed. Ended up choosing a little over 500 pics from about 5000 which took zega spare hours. By the time I finished getting ‘em digitized and uploaded onto Flickr I burned a whole lot of free time.

But still, sort of cool to have a visual chronicle of our lives that we can access at any time and that other folks can check out too.

Be back Monday steady posting.


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