Saturday, August 26, 2006

Pluto Backlash Rising

New York (AP)

The ACLU issued a challenge today to the recent decision of the International Astronomical Union to reduce Pluto to “dwarf planet” status.

ACLU lawyers filed briefs with both the IAA and the US Supreme Court to appeal the IAA’s controversial move.

“The IAA decision was clearly prejudicial,” said ACLU spokesman Lexus Atticus Finch.

“The archaic and hostile language speaks for itself. Has any sensitive and concerned person used the term ‘dwarf’ since the days of the Cold War?”

“We believe the phrase ‘The Little Planets That Could’ conserves the dignity of all the planetary bodies in the Kuiper Belt including Pluto and 2003UB313. We’ll do whatever we can to force the IAA to use that title and to restore these cosmic neighbors to the respectable place in the heavens they deserve. Any small step in helping these orbitals toward full planetary equality is worth our every effort.”


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