Saturday, November 18, 2006

BCS Crystal Ball

Ohio State V Michigan. Great game.

Both offenses were impressive.

But both defenses sort of whimped.

I thought I was watching Boise State and BYU. Could have played that game in the WAC and nobody would have known the difference.

I guess a lot of people think Michigan is so good they should get a rematch in the national title game.

But their defense gave up 42 points and over 500 yards. Ohio State’s O is good but not that good.

Tons of hype about that game. Big 10 and SEC types always get hyperventilated about their conferences and teams. Most of the nation’s sportswriters and population still work east of the Mississippi.

SC held one of the best offensives in the country to one touchdown while beating Cal.

They’ll face another strong offense next week with Notre Dame. I’m guessing they’ll shut them down too. ND doesn’t play defense. Is that a Midwest thing this year? I expect SC will roll.

SC spent most of the season sleepwalking through their schedule. The loss at Oregon State obviously woke ‘em up. Finally.

Rutgers blew up tonite and ended any Big East hope. Arkansas will beat Florida in the SEC title game. USC beat Arkansas 50-14 earlier this year. Enough said.

SC has no right to play for the title. They had to have the stars align and tons of upsets to have a chance. The stars aligned. The upsets happened.

I’ve got SC against Ohio State in the BCS championship game. Ohio State is clearly the best team in the country. Yet Ohio State won’t have played for almost two months when that game kicks off. And the master game planner Carroll will have a month to figure out how to stuff OSU.

Who knows :^)?


Anonymous johnteter said...

Let's beat the Irish and move on to the fourth BCS title game in a row. Pete has the defense amped.

10:33 PM  

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