Saturday, November 04, 2006


Not The Best Player?

Here’s my take on the NBA MVP award after 2 games around the league. What’s the point of being patient and waiting for more evidence in the age of gut intuition? Let’s let ‘er rip.

Most NBA general managers and coaches seem to think Kobe Bryant is the best player in the league. Phoenix coach Mike D'Antoni says ‘it’s not even close.’ But Kobe's a cultural bad guy right now with high marketing negatives. And he plays on a mediocre team.

So he obviously can’t be the best player :^)

The MVP award, though, isn’t necessarily about being the best.

Gotta go with The Lebrons. He’s a great player with a better team around him this season. He’ll probably have less pressure to carry the offense which might allow him to actually play some defense. And with Wise Lebron, Business Lebron, and Kid Lebron in his Nike posse how can he possibly lose? I like the Cleveland team a lot. They could get pretty deep into the playoffs.

No way Steve Nash wins a third straight MVP award. Especially since he looks like Beaver Cleaver now after cutting off his stringy long hair. But if Amare Stoudamire is really healthy you’ve gotta like Phoenix’s chances in the West.

Shaq is Jabba the Hut with a sense of humor. No mo awards.

Dwayne Wade’s got too much mileage on the odometer after playing into June and then doing the national team thing. He’ll come on in the second half of the season but it will be too little too late.

Nowitzki? I think he’s peaked. Don’t think the Mavs will win it even though they got better. Other teams in the west got a lot better.

Tim Duncan? If he’s healthy all year no question he could be the MVP. Lots of folks talk about the Spurs as if they’re an old team when in fact they’re pretty young. I think they’ve got a title or two left in ‘em.


Anonymous Jon said...

I love Lebron and would have voted for him for MVP last year. But I don't know so much about the team around him. Their center is absolutely wrong for today's NBA. Their point guard (and his backup and his backup) are absolutely terrible for today's NBA. Their guard situation was awful last year, and even though Hughes's injury hurt them a lot, in the playoffs they actually played worse with him. Besides the Brazilian, I'm not very high on Lebron's help. (scratch all that if Hughes has the impact I hoped he would last year, Gooden actually plays hard every game, and they sign someone who can actually beat his man at the point.)

12:03 AM  
Blogger Wordcat said...

You've got pretty strong opinions considering we're talking about the Cleveland Cavaliers. Not sure their center and guards are "absolutely wrong" and "absolutely terrible." It's just hoops, remember :^)

10:45 PM  
Anonymous Jon said...

heh - did you see the game average stats for their backcourt last year? No words are too strong. ;P

8:26 AM  

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