Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Wacky Tales

Mega Angel Moroni

Religions are crazy stuff.

Not the morality. Most religions share similar ethical codes.

But the foundational stories and myths are almost always wacky miraculous tales with some deeper meanings that can take a lifetime to grasp.

More tomorrow on why a lot of smart people believe this kind of thing in spite of the nonsensical stories. And why they believe it because of the nonsense too.

The Mormons have got some of the loopiest religious stories around.

No need to get into detail when you’ve got South Park to explain it all.

The Founding of Mormonism (ignore the brief intro by the teenager who uploaded this SP episode onto YouTube). This is pretty much the real story. Wow.

The Current Practical Meaning of Mormonism and Religious Tolerance (if you’re easily offended by profanity, remember, this is South Park).


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