Saturday, December 02, 2006

UCLA Shwack


Didn't see that one coming. Especially the final score. Nine points for SC and two of 'em on a safety?

I enjoyed it as a lifelong UCLA fan. We've been smacked every which way but loose for a lot of years. Maybe the program is on the shwing. If Cal can do it UCLA can.

As an LA guy and a PAC 10 fan, though, I'm disappointed. I would have loved to see SC in the BCS title game.

Nothing flukey.

UCLA was better.

This particular SC team just never seemed to have the fire on a regular basis. They only seemed to play well when they were behind and then for a few key games after the Oregon St. loss woke em up. They looked today like they did for the month before Oregon St.--basically, sleep walking through games. UCLA had the clear emotional edge.

Gotta go with a Michigan/Ohio St. rematch. Still, you've gotta feel for Ohio St. If the BCS system does put Michigan in the BCS game OSU will have to beat Michigan twice in one season to win the national title. Something not quite right about that.

For real deal SC fans, though, you've got a silver lining. SC will return almost everybody next year. I'd guess they'll be more motivated. Could be scary.


Anonymous johnteter said...

Excellent game by the Bruins. They won the line of scrimmage on defense. The USC o-line was rattled and it worked Booty. USC did not overlook the Bruins, they just played a better game.

The defense was so impressive to me today, it really made me wonder where this team has been all year. 6-5? They are better than that. This should really turn a big corner for them.

This was the rebuilding year for USC. They will mature and will be right in the hunt for years to come. But being so close with this young unit sure stings. Too bad there next game is also in the Rose Bowl.

And I agree. It is tough for Ohio St. to play Michigan on a neutral field. I think Michigan might get the crystal.

10:33 PM  
Blogger Wordcat said...

UCLA has top 10 talent every year. They need a talented head coach. I'd love to see SC and UCLA battling it out every year for PAC 10 titles and national titles every once in a while.

10:47 PM  
Blogger 3wishes said...

Yeah Yeah Yeah Boomer Sooner :)

3:12 PM  
Blogger Wordcat said...

I'm really impressed with Oklahoma. Lose your starting qb and arguably the nation's best running back, get jobbed by the refs at Oregon, and still end up in a BCS bowl and the Big 12 title. If the refs had made the right call in the Oregon game Oklahoma might be playing against OSU instead of Florida.

8:19 PM  
Blogger Jonathan said...

bah humbug. We outplayed the sooners in that game (about 150 yards more offense) and shouldn't have needed the botched call (remember, we're talking about 1/2 a yard here) to beat them. Besides, if the refs hadn't botched the phantom fumble call on Jonathan Stewart earlier in the game, we would never have needed them to botch one back our way.

And who did Oklahoma beat all year? Anyone in the top 20?

8:45 PM  

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